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Expansion Card Carrying Case

I was tired of carrying around all my expansion cards (I have like 10) because they were just loose in the bottom of whatever pocket they were in so I designed and printed this!

(Don't mind the original design Idea in the book it changed a few times since then.)

(It's very compact to fit into smaller pockets.)

(It's also pretty thin, but thick enough to put SD cards on top of the Expansion cards while still being able to close the lid.)

(The lid is just a basic slid on and off lid that uses friction to stay on but can pull all the way off as seen in picture one.)

It can hold:
6 Expansion Cards
6 Full sized SD Cards (For when we get a expansion card for it)
2-3 Small USB drives (and by small I mean like mouse dongle small).
And then Multiple Micro SD Cards.

The sticker came with the laptop. First one I used so far.

I’m a beginner in terms of 3D printing but I’m happy with how it turned out!


@mxg Made a super dope expansion card holder as well that I’m just seeing now.

There is also some more designs in that thread that looks much cooler than mine and holds the screw driver! I was looking into doing this as well in the next version of mine.

Super cool stuff!

Did you 3D print this or fabricate it?

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Designed on paper, 3D modeled in Fusion 360, 3D Printed on Ender 3v2.

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There is a local maker that 3D prints one offs for me occasionally, I might reach out for the files if you are willing when my order comes in.

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Sure, just shoot me a message.

I’ve been asked a few times for the file and decided to put it up on thingiverse. It can be found HERE. Thanks for the interest in it!


@Ris I just commented over on your thingiverse page. Your model is 2 bodies in a single STL and cannot be separated for printing. Can you post the individual STL/3MF files?

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@Shane_Jamerson Sorry I haven’t been on Here or there for a while. I’ll try to get to that this weekend.

I was able to get it to separate, so I’ll give this one a go tonight. I also added the framework logo to the lid. I can send you the file if you’d like, but FW doesn’t allow for STLs to be uploaded to the forum.


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@Shane_Jamerson that’s awesome! glad you were able to get that separated! Let me know what you think and how it turns out. And yeah I would definitely be interested in your awesome enhancements to the lid! I can put them up on thing-a-verse too. Just lmk, and we’ll figure out how to exchange files.

@Ris Turns out my file was a 3mf and not an STL. Here you go!

Expansion_Card_Holder_v3.stl (226.7 KB)


I’ve made some potential improvements. I made all of the bays able to hold two cards stacked and put a place for the network expansion card. Then I made a bigger one, a smaller one, and an even bigger one that has a spot for the pen. These are my first items in 3D, so forgive/help correct any mistakes.

And the extra large with a screwdriver holder (I could only put two links in my post)

Having trouble with the links - do they work for anyone else?

Sorry; I privated them because I need to make some changes. The slot for the lid doesn’t work and, when you print, the layers don’t seem to adhere right and they fall apart. Also the slot for the ethernet card is about 1mm too small when printed. The links will work again once I get time to fix it (hopefully this weekend).
I didn’t want people printing them and wasting their filament.


Alright, sorry that it took longer than expected. I’ve got three versions: small, regular, and large. The Large has a slot for holding the screwdriver.

Please be warned I have not tested these prints yet. If they don’t work please let me know ASAP.

Large (with screwdriver space)


These are all awesome @ravenssettle! I cant believe I did not think about a space for the screwdriver in my original design. It’s such a good idea!

At least on the Large (possibly all three) the lid doesn’t fit. It’s too long on the notched sides and I’m not sure if the notches fit into the slots correctly. I’ll rework it when I have time, but I won’t have access to a printer for at least two more weeks (probably more because holidays) to test any modifications.

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I just wanted to thank you for this excellent design. I myself have 0 experience in 3D printing or 3D design, but I took a look at your design (large) and modified the lid + the side rails so they can fit! At least, in the modeler, they look like they fit when I directly compare the lid and body :sweat_smile: again, no experience. I’ll link the design here if anyone wants to try it out- I’m sure it’s loose but eh, not the end of the world if it stays shut right. I don’t have a 3D printer so I can’t verify anything.

Copy of Expansion_Card_Holder_v5_Large.stl (202.3 KB)