Expansion card behavior in different slots

So according to this graph the 4th slot should be ideal for usb-a but I’m encountering issues with that slot being able to read data from usb-a.

I’m currently using 1 & 3 for display outputs, charging, and a usb-a through a usb-c hub.
Slot 2 works fine for usb-a and is what I always have to use, if I don’t move it up to 1/3, to install OS, flash a usb, or anything like that.

In slot 4 I can plug usb-a devices in and they charge but there’s no data being passed through. I’ve checked with two different expansion cards and same issue, not sure what’s going on.

Has anyone encountered this?

Not sure if this is the same problem you’re seeing, but I noticed that my external USB-A SSD doesn’t work properly in slot 2 and 4. It works fine in slots 1 and 3.

I’ve had this with the mini/micro/whatever sdcard, the component only works in certain slots. I have no idea if it’s a Linux software thing or a physical problem, as it sadly not covered by that diagram

My understanding is the micro SD card should work in any slot. It did for me but the actual expansion card dismounted and remounted and some of the work I was doing got screwed.

Eventually, like with you, it wouldn’t be recognised in some ports, then it stopped altogether. It was then I tried in another device to know it was the expansion card.

Framework replaced the Expansion card some months ago and I’ve noticed it dropped out a couple of times. I’m not going to move it around to see if it is a port issue.

I’ve had some similar issues with the eth card and the hdmi card. It’s only happened one time for each card but sometimes if I move them around too much while the computer is booted/posting they don’t register as being connected, only solution I found was to fully shut down, unplug, and let it all sit for a few minutes. Though everything works fine if I just close the lid and then swap cards around.

The only cards that haven’t ever had an issue are the usb c cards.

I don’t think it’s a linux thing, I had the same issues when I had windows installed for a little bit. Slots 2 & 4 seem finicky & I’m not sure why.

It’s unlikely to be a motherboard issue & likely the cards right?

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Where is the diagram from? If there is there some secred knowledge hoard I want to know it. :slight_smile:

And I’m not sure it is correct. I remember having HDMI on #2.

I thought the diagram was from the manual but I can’t see it there now ??
I think the HDMI will work in any port as they all are USB 3.2 or ‘up’

Ah! found one. Just do a search sort of thing :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. It’s the AMD board, that might explain the difference, I have the Intel gen11.

I’m pretty sure it’s much the same. I’ll look further as I also have the 11th Gen

@amoun As I understand it, all slots should work with any expansion card with Intel.
The diagram shown and linked above is for the AMD 7040 series only.

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July 12 2022 7:34pm

The Framework Laptop with Intel 11th Gen Core Processors has four ports supporting USB4. With a USB-C Expansion Card, you can connect a USB-C interfaced hub or dock to any of the four ports to connect additional devices or displays. You can also use a USB-A Expansion Card to connect USB-A interfaced hubs or docks. You can additionally use DisplayPort MST Hubs to support connecting multiple monitors over a single USB-C or DisplayPort Expansion Card.

For information about Thunderbolt docks and hubs, check this article.