Expectations, hopes and Plans

Now that my laptop has shipped, I want to take a moment and document my expectations and long term plan.

I had my choice of laptops. I specifically wanted a small laptop that was upgradeable and repairable. Where my colleges on our support team got the 2020 version of Dell XPS15s, I wanted something smaller. So my point of comparison is the XPS13.

What I am looking for is something that will be within the XPS13’s size, weight and performance class while being completely field serviceable. I want all day battery life as close to my Macbook Air M1 as possible.

And I expect to love the ability to change my port loadout as needed. I am hoping for a DB9 and ethernet port expansion pack eventually.

I hope that Frameworks not only survives but also thrives. Many of the reviews I read basically boiled down to this: “Nice laptop, but so you trust them as a new company.” Perhaps with a revision or 2 under their belt, Frameworks will prove themselves.

As for my plans, this laptop is going to be my main support machine. I am going to use this as a test bed to determine if we can use them in the field. We support 8-900 mobile sales and support personnel in North America. On average, our lifecycle program is to replace 25% of our laptop population on a yearly basis to maintain our fleet. We buy them, keep them for 4 years, and then clean them out and sell them. If our plans go right, then Frameworks would be the basis to allow me to extend the life of a chassis with us to 5 or even 6 years. by putting in a refit capability into the process. I could easily see us buying 150-200 of these a year.

What are you trying to accomplish with your purchase?

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Just curious, is this actually a scenario where you’ll be using the vPro remote management features?

@Oliver It is a possibility. The thing is that in the environment we currently have, we sort of have to take the NICs as they come because we don’t get to specify the platform. Dell and HP do not give me a real handle on the roadmap and product lifecycle on the component level.

Right now, we are starting on mine, and I did get the vPro card.

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