Experience so far on the AMD framework

Hi all, I’m very happy so far with my new AMD framework and wanted to share my experiences, had it for almost 2 months now.

The good:
Kingston 5600 64gb ram worked out of the box at max speed
Linux worked out of the box and is super stable following the official instructions (I’m on xubuntu 22.04, flashed bios 3.03 on arrival). I work on external screen through usb-c - haven’t had any crashes or hangs, unlike previous 4000 series laptop.
Performance is great (have the 7840u and 990pro ssd)
Sleep worked out of the box and has good battery drain

The bad:
Initial windows install (following the official instructions) was kinda broken, amd drivers got in some conflict and windows update wouldn’t run, reset wouldn’t complete, had to nuke it and reinstall. Everything is good since then.
The t5 screwdriver tip got destroyed after a few assembly/disassembly cycles, it’s very soft. But I guess better than destroying the screws

The in-between:
Laptop arrived with a column of dead pixels, after a quick chat with support, they sent a free replacement. Generally, very nice experience, they were super helpful
Wifi Performance is meh, in my office next to the router I hit 800mbps which is perfect. In the next room, one wall away, speed goes down to 20-30mpbs and somewhat unstable - old laptop with ax200 hits 100mbps stable at the same exact spot. Performance is mostly similar between linux and windows, a smudge more stable on windows.
I ordered a Intel ax210 - don’t bother. Performance was godawful, barely 200mpbs next to the router, in windows it wouldn’t even connect on 5ghz (keep in mind my wifi is 2.4+5ghz, I don’t have 6ghz which is problematic with the ax210). I’m back on the rz616 for now, might try a ax200 down the line.

Easy fix, transplant the ax200 into the framework XD

Did you mess up the antenna connections? The ax210in mine gets 900ish mbit close to the access point.

How is your battery life on ubuntu?

Not on ubuntu but on arch it’s pretty great as long as there is no video playback involved, the hardware decoder uses way too much power right now.

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