Extern o Internal Replaceable Battery

When First Internal (non-removable) battery for mobiles appeared…did anybody realized that it would be a future without replaces? With less lifelong batteries due to continous charging and using them at mid-charge plugged to avoid being cut in an critical situation?

My style of work is in between offsite ( traveling, libraries, café…) and onsite (home or work) When I stand my laptop on for more than 8 hours …

My actual old laptop it is that type that one could take out my battery, simply plugged in into electricity net without my battery suffering all those long hours connected without any need. Had my battery last more than internal ones?

It has been 8 years since then and last month my Bios advised me that my Liti-on battery must be replace it.

I don’t really know if its better or not having an internal or external replaceable battery, but for sure if it is connected to the electricity all the time or every night after a whole day working…it will last less time than able to find a way to use a laptop wired without charging the battery if don’t need it (by-passing it somehow). Just imagine the future , lol :wink:


Todays Notebooks are pretty good at managing the battery. My 2015 Dell (internal battery) states it has 60% of charge (and also suggests to replace it). In BIOS I can set the charging behaviour:
-slow, fast, intelligent
-schedule (I think something like: on Monday at 13:00 I want 100%)
-thresholds (for example: charge only to 80%, it starts charging if below 50%)

So, in my opinion, for the life-expectancy, internal battery is slightly better (the only disadvantage I see is higher temperature-cycling).
If the user is not experienced in battery-handling, external could be even worse (removing it when it is too full or too empty)

And after all, the batteries also have a “shelf-life”, they are aging even if never used.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

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I think you need to have replaceable batteries. IMHO.

I got an Asus laptop. The battery performance for most people was ok. But because I installed more RAM and ran Linux on it, the battery performance sucked.

You all cannot know all the things that will be attached to this computer. If people can add devices, they need to be able to add power as well.


In my opinion I’m happy to just have a decent sized internal battery and I don’t need a hot swappable battery because things like the OmniCharge 20 USB-C exist and work wonderfully.

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External hot swappable battery including an internal battery is the way to go!
Like Thinkpad used to have different external battery sizes few years ago!

But for some strange reasons now all laptop manufactures stopped doing hot swappable batteries! Even though many people would still love to have this option available to them!

For some reason I feel more comfortable with having hot swappable! I really hope framework laptops can consider this!

AND PLEASE… PLEASE STOP doing Apple alike laptops!
Framework can do much better!

The community is here to support you if you just listen to them!

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Gigabyte and XMG still release removable battery AMD laptop called A5 X1 laptop. I hope Framework can do that

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