Viability of converting internal battery to an external removable/swappable battery pack?

So to preface this and first dispel any misunderstanding that this topic is discussing, this would not rely on any existing framework case, and would require the development of both an accompanying shell (for the battery) as well as a replacement case for the framework mainboard and associated components to accept a removable battery, something 3d printed.

With that out of the way, I’m wondering if the 13-inch framework battery is capable of being converted into a removable battery, I’ve seen a potential power bank that accepts the framework battery being teased. Still, in theory, this removable battery wouldn’t serve as a power bank. It would be analogous to the removable batteries we used to get on laptops until about 5 or so years ago when every laptop manufacturer switched to using non-swappable, internal batteries in their designs.

This design would use connectors similar to these:

And a custom PCB that would serve as a converter from the standard framework battery connector, to the more traditional external style shown above, and also another PCB inside the battery enclosure that would essentially be the reverse of the one inside the laptop for adapting the connection.

One concern I have is the possibility that there isn’t any handling ability within the hardware or software that expects the user to disconnect and reconnect batteries frequently, which may kill this idea altogether.

The inspiration (or frustration) behind this idea, is the regressive reality we find ourselves in with fixed battery designs; I use a Windows tablet with a dedicated GPU and i9 CPU for university, which is very power-hungry as a result. I find myself wishing that I could carry around a spare, or even two external batteries, and simply swap over to a freshly charged one almost instantly. My current clunky workaround is to carry a power bank capable of delivering 100W over USB-C, which works but now adds a lot of bulk to my tablet, and I’m forced to be tethered to the power bank when I need power. There is also something very vexing about the inefficiency of having to charge an internal battery from a power bank, and having to incur charge wear on an additional set of batteries which only acts as a temporary store of energy, as well as adding charge time to the equation that could have been, and was previously non-existent with the laptops of old.

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