External Display kits using marketplace parts

Taking inspiration from DIYPerks triple screen youtube video released this morning. youtu.be/aUKpY0o5tMo

It would be so cool if someone were to make modules that connect to the marketplace display with a new kit to make it an external display without the extra bits needed for the camera and mic.

This top cover without any cables, no space for the webcam and no antenna. An optional kickstand would be sick.

This display kit with a USB-C cable out instead of the ribbon cable in order to make use of a USB-C module.

This bezel frame.work/products/laptop-bezel?v=FRANCB0002 without anything across the top for the webcam and mic. Just a a flat surface all the way across.

Seems like the price could be approx. $300 USD for this.

The pièce de résistance marketplace item would be some sort of rig to attach/clip onto the framework laptop that could house the screens for storage. The mechanism to keep the screen at a certain angle would come from folding and adjustable arms that slide out.

This way you can open the laptop, unfold the screens, clip onto the laptop, set the arms in place and finally connect the USB-C cables. 5 seconds to pull the laptop from my bag, place on table and open. 15-20 seconds to attach the additional two screens. At most 30 seconds!

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You might be interested by Wanted: USB-C to eDP board to interface the Display Kit

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