Externally Visible Sleep Indicator

Is anybody aware of an externally visible hibernate indicator?

The Asus Zenbook makes the side power light “breathe” like the power button on the Framework does. However the power button is not visible while the laptop lid is closed, so I need to open the laptop to be sure it was asleep, thus waking the laptop…

Is there a software control whereby the side LEDs might be controlled with regards to sleep? Or would this need to be altered in firmware somehow?


The Framework Laptop does not wake from hibernation by lifting the screen. If you are lifting the lid and your laptop is powering on then it was either still active or is resuming from standby.

If the laptop is hibernated then it is effectively shutdown, and the whole point is to use no power. Causing a led to flicker would just be counter-productive to that end.

However causing the led to flash on the side during standby would be a welcome toggle-able option that the firmware could maybe expose.


My apologies, I should have been more careful in my language.

Of course there could be no “hibernate” alert since the machine has no power. I meant “suspend/sleep”.

If laptop turns up opening the lid it usually means it was on sleep mode. Idk if its possible to use software to control the LEDs, try checking bios if any option exists.


But only answers the question “Was it asleep?”

Not “Is it asleep?”

Note: Since going to sleep is a matter of software, it is not guaranteed that the machine is asleep when the lid is closed. This can be a problem when putting a still-on-machine into a laptop sleeve for transport. I’ve gotten to TSA before and realized my laptop was still running (and quite hot) due to some mistake preventing sleep.

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Agree that having the side LEDs indicate standby would be nice, especially since Modern Standby doesn’t always go to sleep when you tell it to.

I found that the power LED is slightly visible when the laptop is closed if you look at it from behind like so:

However the issue with this is that I’ve found whether the LED stays on to be inconsistent while the lid is closed.

One workaround I use is disabling wake from standby upon opening the lid so I can quickly open it to check.

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When the lid is closed the power LED is off to save power.

After seeing the other comment, I tried sleeping first and then peeking… the power light breathing was visible.

When I slept the machine by closing the lid, the power light went off as described.

Just played with it a little. If I put it to sleep with the lid open (via start > power > sleep), the LED will fade in and out regardless of the lid position.

If I close the lid to put it to sleep, the power LED turns off like you said. If I open the lid (with wake on open lid disabled) the LED fading turns on and remains on even after closing the lid again.

I imagine this isn’t possible, but I’ve always been fond of how the Chromebook Pixel 2015 took the approach of keeping it’s external LEDs off in suspend unless physically disturbed (i.e. knocking on it). Always felt whimsical to knock on my laptop to see if it was in suspend.


The Power button also acts as a system status LED, being illuminated when the machine is awake, and slowly pulsing when asleep.

When the lid of the machine is closed, this status indication is not visible.

Is it possible to enable to use of charge status LEDs to also indicate sleep status?

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I really do like this on other machines and think it would be great.

Another cool feature if the Framework has an accelerometer (might not - more commonly found in laptops with spinning drives to park the head during perceived free fall) would be a “tap to check battery” function like found on the Google Pixelbook 2017. I’m still waiting on my Framework but from reading, I’ve seen that the LED charge indicators can flash different colors to indicate POST codes. I’d love to be able to tap/lift the FW while closed and get a battery level indication

Existing thread here:

It does, but it’s disabled by default.

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