Suspend, charge indication

One missing feature of Framework laptop I keep wishing for is more ways of utilizing the LED indicators on the sides of a laptop. It works when laptop is connected to charger to indicate the charging process but that’s it.

I wish there was a way to tell if a laptop is suspended after closing the lid. Currently the only way to tell is to put the bottom next to the ear to try to hear if the fan is spinning which is very quiet. Maybe the OS is bugged and it failed to suspend, there’s no way to know and my battery could just die in a few hours.

Also it would be good to see red LED when laptop is off but battery charge is so low it will soon die. Same in suspended state.

Is there hope of getting these features without hardware update, with just firmware update? Maybe upcoming open source version could speed it up?


This is absolutely possible by modifying the EC firmware.

You’re correct that the recent open sourcing could speed up community efforts to mod this in. I’ve even taken a stab at your particular request myself. however, I wouldn’t recommend this for the average user, as it’s pretty technical and there’s a non-zero chance of bricking your laptop in an attempt to do this yourself.


Yeah but I think this feature is standard in laptop industry so it should be implemented in official firmware. Is there any indication they’re working on this?

Not that I’m aware of.

It might still be coming officially from Framework in the not too far future as their Firmware Lead Kieran Levin has shown interest in collaborating with the community, specifically @DHowett i think it was, who did some reverse engineering on the EC before Framework released the source.

@RandomUser, this is already implemented by @feesh, see above.

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