F12 / Framework key

Oh, please, tell me what the Framework key (F12) does. Is it programmable? I cannot figure it out
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

It sends a keycode known as “Media Select” from the extended multimedia key set (0xE0, 0x50). Typically, that means it will launch a media player.

You can bind it to do whatever you please. If you’re using xbindkeys, for example, you would call it XF86AudioMedia. Various window managers and desktop environments offer different functionality for keyboard binding.


@DHowett Can you please tell me how to map this to compose key on Ubuntu, Fedora, Manjaro? And is it also applicable for wayland?

On Manjaro GNOME (Wayland) I remapped alt-F12 (FW key) to the Manjaro Toolkit terminal app (gnome-terminal – /usr/bin/bmenu) and ctrl-alt-F12 to hybrid sleep.

It was pretty trivial using Settings->Keyboard->Keyboard Shortcuts.

It really depends on your Desktop Environment/Window manager. This is not specific to Framework.

Tell us which setup you’re using (Distro, Window Server (Xorg, Wayland)) and it’s Desktop Environment/Window Manager and we can help you.