Factory seconds input cover options

From the recent news:

The second is that we now have Framework Laptop 13 Factory Seconds systems available with British English and German keyboards, making entering the ecosystem more affordable than ever.

When trying to purchase from the german website it automatically shows that the input cover will be German, is there a way to change it to have English like before?

You should really ask support for a quick answer.

I image the seconds are complete laptops and parts cannot be changed. It’s not like there are lots of input panels nor do Framework want to spend more time fiddling with parts.

Originally the laptops were assembled in Taiwan but this is just ‘seconds’ from the EU warehouse in this case.

Support has a backlog, it might be faster to get an answer from here. Also, others can find this topic and they don’t have to reach out to support individually.

I believe it has German keyboard layout only but I’ll double check with the team and confirm.


When I looked from the UK yesterday there were British and German keyboards available, and I was able to select.
Checked just now, and there are four options for both of the 11th Gen seconds (two keyboards and two processor options)

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We did some magic in the background, English keyboard should be available now.


It’s showing an option for British English now, is it correct? no US/international English? (btw at the “Factory Seconds Components” section, it still lists US English input cover)

British English should be correct, I have shared the feedback internally so we can update the “US English” part, thanks for letting us know!