Fan attempts flying to the moon when I have video meetings (Win11 / i5-1240P)

OS: Win11 latest Update | CPU: 12th Gen i5-1240P | RAM 32GB | SSD 594GB free of 930GB | Driver Bundle: installed

Hi All.
No Apps open. Just the browser. Firefox or Chrome. One Tab. Videoconferencing. Gather / Around / Skype / MSTeams / Gmeet / Jitsy all the same. The fans starts freaking out. And it’s loud OMG! CPU loads are at about 20-30%.

With video meetings it’s almost always happening at some point. Not right from the start but after some minutes.

Sometimes in usual work routines it happens as well. For example: Adobe XD / Skype / Trello / Firefox w/ 20 Tabs and some other Apps open. Happily designing away. Fan freaks out for minutes. CPU-load is under 40%


This is generally due to bad hardware acceleration!
The best solution is installing Throttlestop, a piece of software, and either disabling core turboing, or lowering the package power to something more along the lines of 15W!
Either way would reccomend looking into throttlestop! Pretty nifty piece of software.

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You can try to enable hardware acceleration on firefox:

Also try to enable VAAPI:

Enable VA-API in Firefox:

Firefox added VA-API support since version 80, though it’s not enabled by default. You can enabled it manually by doing following steps one by one.

Firstly, open Firefox and go to about:config in url bar. Click on “Accept the Risk and Continue”. Then search for following keys, enable or disable them one by one:

media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled set to true
media.ffvpx.enabled set to false.
media.rdd-vpx.enabled set to false.
media.navigator.mediadatadecoder_vpx_enabled set to true.

If you experience page crashes, try setting security.sandbox.content.level to 0.

Sadly, the state of hardware accelerated video decoding in browsers is still lacking.

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It does not help that Skype and Zoom are hogs either. Surprised Jitsi is giving the OP issues though it is usually just a bandwidth hog, but with Firefox possibly without hardware acceleration well you might have that.

OS is windows 11 :frowning:

Right, Windows has something similiar but I don’t use it so I am not sure how it works on there.

Thanks for your helpful responses so far! For the next meeting I just enabled hardware acceleration in Firefox’ settings and will see how it works out. Afterwards I will look into Throttlestop.

I’ll test again. Maybe just general frustration. :wink:

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It should be enabled out of the box there, I guess.
At least i was confronted with activating hardware acceleration manually the first time, when I switched to Linux