[RESPONDED] Fan noise with video conferencing software on Linux

I have a question before considering a framework.

I used to have several laptop of several brands and the issue I always had was:
Running Ubuntu and day long online meetings the fan always kicked in hard and that was super annoying.

That stopped with a MacBook Pro M1 from work.

But I still prefer my trusty Ubuntu environment over Mac OS and consider going back.

How is the fan noise with

  • Google meet
  • zoom
  • slack huddle

Also consider I am driving 2x1440p monitors plus the laptop builtin screen. That also adds a bit of strain to the chip.

I am specifically asking for video conferencing software since that was always the point were all laptops except the M chip by Apple failed for me.

So, how is your experience in these tasks?

Welcome to the community!

Yes, pushing two displays while video conferencing is going to kick the fan in occasionally. Heat being the big ask here to keep thing cool with the fan. We’re always working to improve the BIOS to better dial this stuff in, but you will hear fans under that kind of load pushing two displays.

Thanks for answering.

Since I am not in a rush to buy a device so lib will wait what this posts results will be: