Fan creating low pitch humming/vibrations over time

Hello all,

There is a problem that I want to address with my framework, not sure if there are others like me but it’s still something I want to address.

Back in October, I ordered a replacement fan part for 11th gen processors to replace an old fan that developed an odd low humming/vibrating noise over time. Eventually, it got to the point that a very audible low pitch was heard every time the fan made a revolution, even while doing non-demanding tasks. (it still made a scraping/vibrating noise every time a revolution was made no matter what temperature as long as it was spinning).

After I replaced the fan, it was fine, but now I’m noticing low humming/vibrations again which I know later developed into a very audible low-pitch scraping/humming noise.

Now I’m wondering today, is this just a problem with frameworks fans or it is something with my chassis (there are scratch marks on the chassis behind the fan)

(audio of the fan) IMG_1014.MOV - Google Drive

Thank you.

I would send a message to support if you haven’t already to get extra feedback. Though your original 11th gen laptop may no longer be under warranty, the new fan should be, and they may be able to help you troubleshoot this issue. It will also be helpful for others here to respond if they are having similar issues.

Would you have pictures of the scratch marks? Just thinking out loud, but maybe your chassis got ever so slightly bent.