[RESPONDED] Laptop makes a popping sound


Today, I started having an issue with my 11th gen framework laptop. The laptop makes a popping noise, similar to a hard-drive noise. It’s coming from the fan area and is quite loud at times. There are no moving parts apart from the fan so i’m not sure what else it can be.

11th Gen i5 running latest Win 11 build. Everything on the laptop is up to date.

I’ve tried searching the forum, but all posts on anything similar are quite old. Hoping to get some help / input :slight_smile: .

Have you removed the input cover and visually inspected the fan area? Seems possible some debris has fallen into the fan or a fan blade has broken. Would be easy to confirm or rule out. It’s also possible that the fan bearing is failing, based on your description.

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If upon closer inspection you can’t spot the issue, please open a support ticket.

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I’ve inspected the fan and it seems fine.

I’ll open a support ticket and update from there!

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What was the resolution to this issue? My 11th gen just started making quite a loud noise from the fan too. I suspect the bearing as it’s not turning so smooth anymore. Should I just order a new fan from the marketplace?

Please open a support ticket.

I opened a support ticket and needed a new fan kit (good thing this laptop is repairable!)

My issue was that the fan was loose on the hub and was wobbling when spinning. The fan was rubbing against the bottom intake grill and making a popping noise at low speed, but became a grinding noise as the issue got worse / the fan sped up.

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