Fan Noise (Scraping) Under Load

So this fun new thing happened. When the laptop is under load, there is a terrible noise from what I assume is the fan contacting the chassis. Right after I got the laptop, I started noticing the fan occasionally making noise but only when under a heavy load. It has gotten progressively worse and this is now what I have under full load. I have sent a request to Framework support. I will be interested to see what they say. Anyone else have any thoughts?



you’ll need to replace your fan, it likely has a bad bearing. though before you do that, I’d check to see if there’s anything stuck in there, ie a wire or something else.

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So it should be covered by warranty. Anyone have any experience with that yet? I submitted via email but haven’t received a response yet. Looks easy to replace judging by tear down videos. Let’s see what @FrameworkSupport says.

Well, it took a couple days but @FrameworkSupport got back to me. They created a order for a replacement fan unit. Overall, pretty happy with the experience. I am sure in time the support process will get quicker and more refined.

Same here - like the concept and the product, but disappointed about fan noise (buzzing):


I just received mine today and am having the same issue (a soft grinding noise from the fan). Were you able to get this resolved?

Yes. I sent @FrameworkSupport an email and about 5 days later they shipped me out a replacement fan. I swapped it and it’s been good since.

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Makes me wonder if there could ever be a V2 cooling assembly with a bit more thermal mass to absorb the heat spikes of the CPU and preferably implement a higher grade fan unit. Partner with Noctua engineering would be awesome. What say you @Framework

I just had a very similar issue, where I could hear an oscillating scraping noise coming from my fan. I could hear it regardless of how fast the fan was spinning, although it was much more noticeable the faster it was spinning. Turns out, all I had to do was open up my laptop and thoroughly blow some compressed air on the fan! So happy this worked :smile: Just thought I’d share for anyone else this works for


Glad to know that everything has been sorted out. Go to Framework Support for knowledge, replacement guides, and more.

I also had this issue after a couple of weeks. It was intermittent. Sometimes at high speeds it was normal, other times there would be a grating/buzzing sound. I contacted support, which could have been better. They initially tried getting me to troubleshoot high CPU usage even though I explained this was a mechanical problem and I was expecting the CPU to be hot with the given workload. Eventually they wanted me to document it, which I did with an audio clip. They would not proceed until I provided a VIDEO of the SOUND, which ended up being a blurry clip of my keyboard so I could get the phone close enough to hear the odd sound over the regular fan noise. Eventually it was all sorted and they sent a replacement fan that solved the problem.