Fan Gets Super Loud When Connected to External Display

I recently changed up my home desktop a bit, and I’m using my 11th gen i7-1165G7 as a simple office machine for emails and general use. I have it connected to a 27" LG monitor capable of 144Hz, and I’ve set it to run at 100Hz, which looks like the max that the framework can output, and I have the framwork’s screen on as an extended display. The only thing running on the laptop display is task manager.

I’m wondering if I have some kind of turbo boost on, because the laptop’s fan ramps up considerably on what I would consider pretty simple tasks. I had two outlook tabs open in firefox just now, and one tab was playing a non-fullscreen youtube video at 1080p. The fan got super loud, and I pulled up task manager and saw the CPU turboing past 2.8GHz, but never going over 50% utilization. I could be naive on this, but I didn’t consider the kind of activity I just described as necessitating that much cooling. I definitely enjoy the solid performance, but if I can strike some kind of balance so that the fan isn’t running so loud on certain tasks, I would be overjoyed.

I’d appreciate any tips! Thanks.