Fan ramps up to 100% often

I’m having issues with keeping my laptop quiet. At first, I just thought it was Chrome sucking the life out of everything and cranking the fans up to a million. Switched browsers to no avail. I’ve done multiple paste swaps to try and find something that will work (no liquid metal as of now). I’m just at a loss. Windows 11 I7 1370p.
The Cpu wont boost under load either its just weird

I’ve got Windows 11 i7 1280p (12th Gen Intel) and the fan’s been driving me a little batty lately - going full blast when the CPU and GPU aren’t doing all that much. Temps are high too and I’m getting some throttling.

I mostly use plugged in. But I just unplugged it, set it to battery saver, killed some background apps, and it’s running nice and quiet now.

I was going to try new paste but it doesn’t seem like that’s the issue. I’ve had issues with Intel Arc on my desktop being a power hog. Could that be related?

Don’t know if I can help. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone.