Fan Noise (12th Gen)

I recently upgraded my mainboard from the 11th gen to a 12th gen processor and my fan noise has noticeable increased to the point where the laptop is unusable in meeting environments. Is there a way to adjust the fan curve? Tasks are standard productivity and browsing. CPU load is around 15% and memory at 44%.

Temps on HWMonitor don’t exceed 64-72 degrees, but the fan is always running.

Any help is appreciated!

I installed “Fan Control” on my Framework running Windows 11. I have it on Auto and it does a great job of taming the current “Digital” fan control curves of the 12th gen.

I’ve used Fan Control before on other laptops and I agree it works very well!!

@Eric_Crawford-Anton Can you share how did you configured Fan Control? I have downloaded but beside monitoring temp I cannot control the fans…

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It was the first time I used it and it was a little confusing as well for me.
After creating your fan profile (I just used the Auto Beta profile), click on the 3 Dots in the upper right-hand corner, then from what I remember “Load the configuration” That should save it to your system config file.
And Welcome to the community!!

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The fan noise was very significant particularly as Win 11 opens from shut down for me (USB-C dock connected with two monitors). I carried out the following changes to set turbo boost to ‘Efficient Aggresive’ (didn’t disable completely) and I’ve not heard the fan since. Reddit - Dive into anything