Very loud grinding sound coming from fans

This happened to me just today. Fans started making a loud grinding sound. It’s not the expansion cards or any of the chassis screws or fan screws. I have a presentation next week so I really want to fix this, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Side question: Will taking the screws out next to the fan void my warranty?


No warranty is voided taking apart the laptop. Sounds like it is clipping something.


Did you ever resolve this issue? @Jacob_Smith
I have encountered this now.

same issue here

i took the cover off and see the fan grinding directly.

most of the time, this laptop sits on my desk. seems like mechanically, it’s not under a lot of strain.

Not that this would solve it for you…but the suggestion seems to apply:

Reach out to Framework Support, they’ll advice you on the next step(s).

i got a replacement fan under warranty!

they have a nice guide and the computer is quiet now.

even if the part wasn’t under warranty, it’s a relatively inexpensive part.