Weird fan noise on Framework 13 Laptop AMD

Hello to everybody,

when I stress my Framework 13 Laptop AMD 7840U under any OS, I can hear sometimes a nasty but weird noise, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, and it goes away after 2-3 minutes. It sounds like a motor boat or a small airplane engine.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload some mp3-samples here, until a system admin will allow the upload of mp3 files.

Does anybody have had such a weird fan noise too? I already contacted the support.



Can’t really judge if it’s the same sound, but I also had some buzzing noises coming from the fan assembly and have received a replacement part which will hopefully resolve the issue. Maybe it’s the same sound, maybe there’s some other way you could share it? Also, mine was a 12gen Intel, but the assemblies seem to only differ in the heatsink part, not the fan part.

EDIT: Having a look at your MP3 file, it seems to be the same sound that I was experiencing. I suppose the bearings are at fault and hopefully the design wil be updated for future models. Support will most probably want to send you a replacement fan&heatsink module, but only after some other debugging, so please follow their instructions as well.

As I am still waiting for my replacement to arrive this week, I will post by the end of the week whether it helps or not.

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I can confirm that installing a new heatsink&fan assembly eliminated the issue.

That’s good to read. Framework support did sent me also another heatsink&fan kit which will arrive hopefully tomorrow.

Added: After receiving the replacement kit from Framework and installing it, the “weird fan noise” is gone. Now the laptop is as I want it: fast, silent (most of the time).

Thanx VERY MUCH for the fast delivery to the support team of Framework :blush: