Fan Noise while using Microsoft Teams (AMD)

Good evening

I love my FW13 on Ryzen but one thing drives me crazy: as soon as I join a video conference in Teams the Fan Noise becomes unbearable loud - when the laptop is position on the table as it should be.

As soon as I put it upright against the wall, it is okay.

Is this the same issue as Weird fan noise on Framework 13 Laptop AMD or not? It only happens when using Microsoft Teams.

Anything I can do to fix this myself?


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Well although that may be when it happens (MS Teams) that standing it up implies the fan may not be seated well, unless you mean it goes off when upright.

“it is OK” doesn’t describe what happens :slight_smile:

True :slight_smile: The fan turns off very quickly. Not instantly, obviously, but “exposing” the “full underbelly” seems to help.

So it does seem it could be a cooling factor that turns the fan off.

So there are two queries

  1. Is the fan overly noisy, i.e. not to spec
  2. Is the cooling so bad when flat.

On the second I made a metal rest so I can use it on my lap and not fluff up the fan intake

One the first issue I suggest you do some temp checks. This gives a read out on the taskbar

Best read up too

I think there is a third option: why does Teams cause such a high temperature and thus Fan noise, right?

I never had to lift the laptop up like you did - if this would be the case, that is very bad design. I am not running GPT-6 on my Framework, just Teams :slight_smile:

Well I get the fan when I’m watching some videos, depends upon the setup. For example adverts are higher def than many programmes and so use the GPU more, hence heat.

So yes it could be that MS Teams is a demanding applications. You ‘should’ be able to see what resources it uses say compared to streaming video, which is after all only one way.

You could also try watching stuff on which is demanding.

Yeah, and the heat also the problem?


I mean the fan is only a consequence of the heat, surely, which in turn is a consequence of the load.

Have you tried limiting the CPU via BIOS and Windows?

Propping up the back does measurably improve the cooling capacity at the same fan speed, Though not enough to make a difference between unbearably loud and bearably loud unless it was right at the edge.

Back propped up by about 2cm on a hard surface gives me around 2-3 extra W of cooling at max fan but I do got something of a weird setup with liquid metal and raised power-limits.

If it was flat on a soft surface vs propped up the difference would be quite huge.

Disabling intel turbo boost on the amd framework may get a bit complicated XD

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