Fan responsiveness

Is anyone aware of a way to make the fan spin up in a more timely fashion?

For example, currently, it takes a fair amount of time (like 10 seconds or so) for the fan to spin up even when the CPU is fully going at it at 95c.

I understand that OOTB, there’s this balance between noise level and effective cooling. But what I’m asking is whether this is tune-able by the end user? If so, how?

e.g. Something to go hand-in-hand with power profile.

Alternatively, has anyone been able to get SpeedFan to work with the Framework Laptop in Windows?

No one knows?

Hahaha sorry to come in late.
There is a way- confirmed by DHowett, fan hysterisis is modifiable in EC by using ECTool. That being said a high hysterisis is a good thing usually because then it won’t ramp up for short workloads.
It seems that the fan is not shown to the OS though, I could not find it whatever I tried!

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Same here, I’m not able to find any interface to the fan from Windows. Not even just for fan RPM read out.

When it comes to the ectool in Windows, is there no way to use it without disable certain security measures?

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Sadly no afaik, you might be able to use ECtool on a Linux OS in dual boot or live off a usb stick though!

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I don’t suppose it could work using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)?

@NM64 As much as Microsoft markets WSL as “not a traditional virtual machine,” it’s technically a virtual machine. Something like this would have to be explicitly supported in WSL, so the answer is probably no.