Fan rubbing & electric buzzing sound

I only recently got my laptop, but on the second day I already noticed some odd noises from it, as per the title.

The first is the sound of the fan rubbing against something while spinning. The sound changes depending on how fast it spins.

The second is an irregular buzzing sound. This is very faint and I could only hear it when the fan wasn’t spinning. But it is hard to say if the sound is only there when the fan isn’t spinning or it is alway there but drowned out by the fan sounds.

You can listen to the files below. Do note that both recordings are very faint and you might need to set you OS volume to max. There will be some background sounds.

Fan Rubbing:
Dropbox link
Electric Buzzing:
Dropbox link

I just want to know if there is something wrong and/or it’s something I should worry about?

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Have you yet read any of the similar topics?

I did but I found my situation to still be different enough, especially when the buzzing sound with the fan stopped. That said the fan sound might still be related to other people’s issues.


Hi @Dennis_Middendorp. We’re sorry that you experienced this issue. I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and stay safe!

Related to the electric buzz, I noticed this type of noise (like not proper EM isolation in the mainboard) is getting though my external usb-c sound card … Maybe is the reason of that noise?

I will contact support for this too.

So a little investigative work on the buzzing.
Taking out the 4 modules or disconnecting from WIFI didn’t change anything.

What did change something was closing the laptop and thus turning the display off.
This caused the buzzing sound to be less frequent and a little bit different.

You can listen to it below. (Again very faint with background noise.)

Electric Buzzing 2

I will find some time to put in a support ticket.

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I have the same issue ( with the electrical buzzing) thanks for the effort to investigate the issue!

I have asked support what i can do about the Electric Buzzing sound. They told me to clean the fan and tighten the screws of the fan and the heatsink. The fan cleaning didn’t make a difference, but i think the tightening made the sound quieter.

Edit: didn’t solve the problem. I can still hear the electic crackle. I will change the mainboard, maybe this will help

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