Fan speed ramps only when charging | Ubuntu 22.04 | Framework 16

My build:
CPU: 7840HS
dGPU: Yes
Storage: 4TB
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 (stock, aside from adding Gnome Tweaks)

So when playing a game or doing a task that utilizes the dGPU, and the laptop is NOT plugged in, I get basically no fan noise. It just seems to work hard and do its job fairly quietly. But when I plug it in (and am doing the same task but now it’s charging), the fans ramp up to 100%

This could probably be tweaked with some fan curve magic via ectool or something, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed this and if it’s normal out of the box

This could be due to the device having different power limits, and thus different cooling needs, while on battery. The battery is not able to deliver 180W+ afaik.

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