Normal or hardware issue?

Hi I have just got my Framework 16 and I love it!
But I have two issues and I am not sure if they are hardware related or not.

First issue is that the fans seem to spin up really fast and are loud. Watching a video or downloding/installing a game from Steam will make the fans go crazy. I noticed that its a lot worse when the power is plugged in. When running a game with the power plugged in its very very loud and I undestand that this is normal. But just watching a video? Is that normal?

Second issue is a buzzing noise when running a GPU intense task. It sounds like Coil Whining. If I open a game in fullscreen on my second monitor its very loud high pitched.

Thanks for your help!

Hi me again :grinning: . Right now I am doing a League of Legends update (dont blame me). And the fans are going crazy. Is that normal?

Downloading is generally a very CPU-intensive task, especially at high download speeds, since the CPU has to decompress the downloaded files.
Normally when watching videos, the fans shouldn’t go crazy, check what power profile you are using under your OS and if your browser or media client has Hardware acceleration enabled.

About the coil whining issue I would search around on the forum a bit if anyone had a similar issue and if nothing comes out of that, possibly contact support.

Same case here with my Framework 16 (with GPU module), fans are going quite fast and loud for small tasks like downloading stuff.

Editing 4K videos on Davinci Resolve also brings the fans to high velocity very fast, even though the temps on Adrenalin are in the 50°.

No buzzing noise on my part tough.

I have a dual boot system. Seems to be power profile related. On my linux setup I dont have any issues with loud fans (but also no games to test heavy things). The fact that its worse a lot when power is plugged in also confirmes that, right?

Yes. The fans will spin up a lot more when plugged in and doing intensive tasks because then the cpu gets way more power than just on battery. The CPU will get hot quickly causing the fans to spin up and be very loud.

Under Linux, and I barely hear the fans spin up.
When doing downloads under Steam (600 to 800 mbps) then the fans spin up. But at that speed, I bet there is a reason.
Video don’t make the fan go up at all.

Question: What OS are you using - and did your OS install all updates and software (in background, this happens sometimes).
Some OS’s are also performing (Linux KDE Plasma) and file indexing. If you let the indexing go index the file contents too, that is very CPU taxing. So it will take a while for everything to complete and calm down.

I’m currently using Windows on my Framework 16. Windows does do some background downloads and installs.

As other users have said, downloading games on Steam is very cpu intensive. This is because Steam games are compressed so when you are downloading a game, you are both downloading and decompressing (which is cpu heavy) the game. This is why the fans ramp up.

Watching a video is not very intensive on the cpu or the gpu so it doesn’t ramp up.