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To help bring this category to life to better organize new users on the forum. What would you say the top FAQ’s are and what guides get linked the most?

This is a category we will adjust as we go but feel is a good step to ensure users who are looking for help, can spot where to go right away!


wen amd?
wen arm?
wen dedicated gpu


I would say updating the drivers outside of the driver packs officially from Framework. For instance, there have been a number of threads regarding Intel WiFi drivers in the community. I have been pointing people to the Intel Driver & Support Assistant tool, as there have been some updates since the driver packs were released with BIOS 3.07.


My most common link is the page for sending a message to support, and I think to go along with that it could be nice to have a guide with instructions on how to contact support, and some good troubleshooting steps to go through before getting in contact with support/while you wait for support to respond.


This one solves many strange low-level problems and usually needs to be done only once:

Helpful links:

Guides: Framework Laptop - Framework Guides

Knowledgebase: https://knowledgebase.frame.work/

Contact Support: Framework | Support (note this varies by country)


I would say there needs to be something prominent about the WD SSD firmware issues.


The problem where fingerprints registered in a previous OS install prevent the reader from accepting new ones is probably the one I explained most. A python script to remediate that would of course have to be included as well. Since there are 2-3 of those floating around, it would probably be good to settle for one “official” script.

Common third party accessory guides/megaposts? I’m thinking of eGPU enclosures, docks, matte screen protectors, etc.


Actually now that I think about it, there have been some threads about component support as well. As in, what third party RAM, SSD, wifi chips, and display (there’s only one I’m aware of) work in the laptop. I think it would be best to have a detailed spec sheet of what traits to look for in each component as that could help the DIY builders. But a long list of “I tried _______ and it did/din’t work” might be more realistic. There’s one of those for RAM here.