Latest drivers page?

I’m confused why there isn’t a simple page listing the latest drivers to download. Seems all other laptop companies have such a page, but all I’ve found for 11th gen boards is a driver bundle from 1 year ago! ouch. I understand many people now just use the forums but I searched and did not find what I’m looking for. A separate page for beta would be nice too. If you can tell me where to look that would be great. Or just use intel driver update assistant and windows 10 update function only? Thanks,

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11th gen: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (11th Gen Intel® Core™)

12th gen: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (12th Gen Intel® Core™)


The answer is that these are the latest driver bundles. These drivers from last year still work to get your computer started, and newer drivers will all come from Windows Update once you get the initial bundles installed.


So we are to use old drivers and just let windows update? Including bios? Is 3.10 the latest released bios? I see 3.17 is beta correct?

Correct, it isn’t out of testing yet. Install if you want but realize it is beta.

Sorry for the confusion, Framework has never made an official statement on this, but since the last driver bundle is from 1 year ago, it does seem that they want users to install those drivers from their website, then use Windows Update to install newer drivers beyond that.

BIOS updates are separate from drivers. Beta BIOS updates are only posted to the forum, for users who want to test them, and get added to the page you linked above when they are no longer in beta. 3.10 is the current release BIOS with 3.17 being the current beta BIOS.

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Framework, in the early days of gen11, suggested using Intel tools to update drivers.

The 850 drives had bios updates to be applied by Westerb Digital software.

Those are related to specific devices, CPU capabilities, and the network card.

Or for WD, the storage media.

There are many other devices that use drivers that could be found in Windows Update.