[Feature Request]: Dedicated links for BIOS & Driver Downloads

Hey @Framework and @FrameworkSupport ,

Could you please create dedicated support sections for BIOS and Driver Downloads/Updates?

For example:

BIOS Updates:


Driver Packages:


That would be GREATLY appreciated.

Google searches used to find existing information:


These links do not work. They just show an error message:

“We’re sorry, we couldn’t find what you were looking for”

Using your Google search I found this page for BIOS and Drivers:

You can use this link to have access to the latest BIOS and drivers

Link: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases


@John_Albright , That’s the whole point of this post, it’s a feature REQUEST. Would be nice to have DIRECT links.

@Brent_bak, the link you pasted is going through kst.mr, is this framework owned domain? why not just make official links like in this feature request post. It’s been open for three months and this is the first post we are seeing from “Framework” team.

It is actually a short link. You can access the BIOS here too.

Link: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases

I know what you’re saying like a dedicated Link for BIOS and Drivers. Thanks for your inputs and I will pass this on the the Department concerned.

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What’s the difference between




aside from the domain name?

Are they from the same entity?

They are the same. I’m not just sure which one is the sub domain of another parent link.

Thank you, that would be greatly appreciated!