Faulty USB device seems to have destroyed the USB 2 on one side of laptop

I plugged in this faulty USB device which effectively had its power and ground pins shorted. I did get some over-current warnings in dmesg.

The problem is that now, after many hours and restarts, the two right side USB ports no longer seem to work with USB 2 only devices. I’ve tested it with some Yubikeys (USB 2 - doesn’t work), the Framwork’s own MicroSD expansion card (which works) and a bunch of other USB-2 boards, none of which work.

Is my board toast? I know there are load switches with overload detection and cut-off on each port. Is there a reset procedure for them? Also, the over current warning shows up now on every boot even if nothing is plugged into the ports. E.g.

[    8.617459] usb usb3-port1: over-current condition
[    8.750800] usb usb3-port3: over-current condition

Have you tried shutting the machine off, letting it sit for a few minutes, then restarting it? Also perhaps a mainboard reset by removing the RTC battery be careful, read the instructions on this, the battery holder is extremely fragile.

I’d start with the power off and cold boot. Fingers crossed that that resolves the issue. Also, have you tried using expansion cards from the other side of the machine (that is, ones that were not connected to the faulty devices)?


Please try the above suggestion. This will be your best bet.


OK — so the new BIOS update came out and after the update, the over-current notices went away and my ports are back to working again! I think this deserves its own guide/article since without knowing this is a temporary condition, it looks like the board is fried.

PS: cold booting didn’t help and I didn’t get around to disconnecting the RTC battery.


Delighted this is resolved. If I get more reports of similar, I’ll look into creating a guide.

I know this is resolved, but I experienced a similar problem by accidentally shorting a usb-A expansion card (look at the side of your laptop before you fumble around with a usb-c plug that can slide in where it’s not supposed to; lesson learned), and doing this with all expansion cards removed is what resolved mine.