Feature request: Framework version of the ThinkLight

My first experiences with laptops were the many early ThinkPads my mother would bring home during her time at a certain tech company.

One of the features I’ve missed since the adoption of backlit keyboards is the ThinkLight (ThinkLight - Wikipedia).

A little LED just above the screen that shines down on the keyboard. It’s super useful for reading at night if you have papers or a credit card that require lighting from above rather than below.

Plus I’m just an emotional wreck after remembering those little lights and how fascinated 10-year-old me was when I discovered them, and just now finding out they were discontinued years ago. It’s the little things, yknow?

These were fantastic. I had a Pentium 4 Thinkpad from work, and discovered it accidentally. I would love to see something like this implemented, but I have no idea if it is possible without changing the design of the lid.

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I wonder if someone could look at making a custom mic/camera module and a custom bezel that could allow for an LED to be integrated. It would have to be super thin, but definitely possible!

Temp turn screen brightness up to read, that works for me.

Else maybe buy a tiny clip on lamp that you can use elsewhere too

Yes, but that totally misses the cool factor…


Its like having a lamp on your desk in a well lit room. I like options.

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I’m so glad I’m not the only one who misses these things. Thanks guys.