Keyboard backlight and power light

Hello community, I would like to know if you have found a way to automatically turn off the backlit keyboard after a certain period of time to save battery consumption. [I’m using it on Windows 11]. I had a thinkpad x270, the full version and it has that feature using windows or linux. And also if there is a way of turning off the power light. Thanks

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Not sure if anyone has created anything for windows. I know a community member did create a daemon for Linux GitHub - jonas-schievink/keylightd: Keyboard backlight daemon for the Framework Laptop

I believe there is an option to dim the power button LED in the BIOS. But neither the keyboard nor power button are going to be a significate battery drain.

There is :slight_smile: for the 11th Gen at least

As noted the power drain is minimal.

Just having the USB A expansion draws quite a bit as do many other ‘cards’ exception being the USB C.

Of course you say auto after after a specific time which begs the question.

a) Do you know they are off if you close down or hibernate? etc.
b) If you are using the keyboard then [Fn] + [space] will toggle between brightnesses and off for the keyboard. The power button only via BIOS unless you hack the controller maybe.

I will look into the power drain of the keyboard at different brightnesses and compare it to, say, a USB A card etc.

The power button light:

It can be off and in the day or when there is light why have it on, unless you want it to show up distinctly, but then why have an auto off. It’s not like the BIOS can read you mind etc.

Having it on can be useful in that if you have the screen off but the computer still running it indicates that you have a live session going.

Similarly with the keyboard

Why have it on unless you like it showing, it which case you the Fn/space as how could auto know when to switch it off.

I suppose you could have a timer set to sunrise sunset etc. but that seems a bit corse.

Maybe an ambient light sensor would be not fun.

keylightd works for the 12th gen intel variant as well, but it does not work for the AMD boards. I’ve been tearing my hair out periodically trying to get it to work with no luck.
As far as I can tell, it’s something about how the AMD variant communicates with the embedded controller that’s fundamentally different from the intel version.

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