Fedora contributor x Framework developer AMA event | Friday August 5th UTC 19:00~

Image credit: Fedora project source page

I am happy to announce that we will have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) talk session event with the following great speakers in a Fedora contributor’s online virtual conference Nest with Fedora 2022. We want to collect questions for this event in advance.

  • Geoffrey Marr: A Fedora contributor. Contributed to getting Fedora up-and-running on the Framework Laptop since its initial launch with Fedora 34 in March 2021. He was mentioned on the Framework’s official blog.

    Geoff Marr, Matthew Miller, and others at Fedora have been helping us get excellent support.

  • @Kieran_Levin: Needless to say, a developer at Framework. Kieran has been working such as providing BIOS firmware.

Geoff and Kieran have been working together.

So, if you have something to ask those speakers, could you comment below? Ask us anything!


  • Comment one question per one comment area below.
  • Vote by clicking the “like” (heart) button for the comments you like.


  • There might be some questions that they cannot answer due to NDA.
  • You can also ask questions in real-time in the event.
  • The event will be recorded and the slide is here.

Talk event info

One of the sessions in Nest with Fedora 2022

  • Session title: Behind supporting Fedora on the Framework Laptop: AMA
  • Date & Time: Friday August 5th, time EDT 15:00-15:50, UTC: 19:00-19:50, CET: 21:00-21:50 (schedule)
  • Place: online. Go to this link to register, and scroll down to the “Schedule highlights”, and click “Day 2” or search by “Framework”, and click “Add to calendar”.

About me and story

Jun Aruga: A Framework Laptop first generation batch 2 user. A contributor in Fedora project. I will host this talk session.

Initially, I was thinking to talk about my review for Fedora Linux on the Framework Laptop in the Fedora event. Then an event organizer suggested I call Fedora contributors who have worked to support Fedora Linux on the Framework Laptop. Geoffrey was happy to join. Then Geoffrey contacted Kieran at Framework, and he was also happy to join.


Thank you for attending the session. The video is available until November 6, 2022, on the event platform Hopin. The video will be uploaded to the Fedora Project Youtube channel with editing within the next couple of months. See you at the next Fedora conference!

How to watch the recording video

Way 1:

  1. Go to this direct link. You need to register and login the platform to watch.

Or way 2:

  1. Register and login on the platform if you haven’t done yet.
  2. Go to the main page on the event platform.
  3. Click “Replay” on the menu on the left side.
  4. Click “Aug 5” tab.
  5. Search by “Framework” on your browser search.


Start 0:08:50 - End 1:16:40 (total 68 minutes!)

The first part until the introduction is for our internal preparation. Please skip it. Sorry.

  • [0:08:50] Introduction (4 minutes)
  • [0:12:30] Presentation by Geoffrey from Fedora project (11 minutes)
  • [0:24:13] Presentation by Kieran from Framework (10 minutes)
  • [0:34:18] Q&A - Ask Me Anything (42 minutes = the first + second rounds)
  • [0:34:18] Q&A - Ask Me Anything - First round for questions pre-submitted and prepared
    • [0:34:35] What was your motivation first you contacted Fedora to support Framework Laptop?
    • [0:37:36] Did you provide Framework Laptop pre-production version to not only Fedora project but also other communities?
    • [0:39:32] How many people are working to support Fedora Linux on the Framework Laptop at Fedora project?
    • [0:42:21] Now do a few people have Framework Laptop provided by Framework?
    • [0:43:41] Do you recognize a battery drain issue in sleep or standby status in the Framework Laptop with some types of expansion cards except USB-C expansion cards? Do you plan to fix it?
    • [0:52:15] What were your problems or challenges with supporting Fedora Linux on the Framework Laptop? How did you solve it?
    • [0:58:09] Do you have a message to audiences?
      Note that I said “this is the last question.”. But it’s wrong. Actually the Q&A second round started after this question.
  • [1:00:55] “Fake” closing.
    • We were trying to close the session. But it was not the end. The Q&A second round started from here. Note that I as a host was seeing a wrong tab “Event” instead of “Session” tab showing session specific chats and questions on the event platform. And I missed all the questions at that time. I apologize it. But speakers helped.
  • [1:01:29] Q&A - Ask Me Anything - Second round for questions submitted in real-time.
    • [1:01:52] Does Framework offer OS options alongside Windows?
    • [1:04:19] Are there plans to offer a higher resolution or touch screen displays?
    • [1:04:18] A battery life in Fedora?
    • [1:05:06] Plans for AMD or Arm (CPU)?
    • [1:05:24] Can Fedora QA team help the develop and test plans for Framework’s manufacturer?
    • [1:06:33] What about the track point?
    • [1:06:51] What about Fedora logo key on the keyboard?
    • [1:07:21] You mentioned CPU thermal framework that we were talking about. (What to do) to improve this?
    • [1:09:04] We have seen a number of Linux native laptops crop up from big brands. Can you comment on what Framework has done differently?
      Matthew Miller at Fedora project joined to answer this question.
    • [1:12:14] A (Framework Laptop) version that has GPU options?
    • [1:12:57] A official blank expansion cards?
    • [1:13:42] Are there plans to update the expansion card internal interface to USB4 ?
    • [1:14:06] The first revision of the motherboard work out of the box?
    • [1:16:01] Any plans for AMD (CPU)?
    • [1:16:19] Where do I subscribe to the newsletter?
  • [1:16:46] “Real” closing.

Event announcement logs

Note this talk session was not sponsored but just a community talk event.


I updated the “Date & Time” of this talk on the first comment. It’s tomorrow, Friday August 5th, time (EDT 15:00-15:50, UTC: 19:00-19:50, CET: 21:00-21:50).

You can add the talk to your calendar app.

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Scroll down to the “Schedule highlights”.
  3. Click “Day 2” or search by “Framework” at “Search segments” text field, and click “Add to calendar”.

Just a reminder for you, we will start this talk session in 1 hour!

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Will there be a recording?

Yes! I will let you know on this thread when it is available. We answered many questions!


Awesome! Thanks! Work got in the way so I wasn’t able to join.


@Second_Coming and guys. The recording video is available now! I added the “Recording” session to the first comment on this thread. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience by my hosting. My voice might be loud and hard to listen to. I hope you watch adjusting your sound volume. Enjoy it!

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Note this video will be uploaded to the Fedora Project Youtube channel with editing within a couple of months.

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Note the slide is here. Just 1 page. It is only used for the introduction part. In other parts of the talk, we didn’t use the slide.

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Think this is the video:


Oh, thanks! I didn’t notice it, as I was not told by the event organizer. I hope that you guys enjoy the video.

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