Fedora project annual event, Flock 2023 Call for Paper (CfP) - Framework?

Hello @Kieran_Levin and @Matt_Hartley,

The Fedora project’s annual event Flock 2023’s Call for Paper (CfP) to have a talk session is now open until 20 June 2023.

Flock 2023 event details:

I don’t think I am a right person to contribute for this topic. Maybe you can submit your CfP with people at the Fedora project who are actually working to support Fedora Linux on Framework Laptop!

I am really looking forward to seeing your talk in the event! I am also interested in which kind of the topic is the most popular in the Q&A time. I remember that AMD topic was the most popular in your talk in the Fedora event. Then you will ship the AMD edition!

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