FOSDEM 2024 Message Board

I am going to attend a big technology event FOSDEM 2024 for the first time this weekend, on the 3rd and 4th of February, bringing my Framework Laptop to Brussels, Belgium. I assume that some of the people in this community may attend.

So, here is an experiment. People who go to the event can use this thread as a message board.

For example, you can post a message such as “I am at the floor AW1 room 128 now. If you are near the floor AW1, and you bring your Framework Laptop 13 AMD, message me. I want to touch your laptop.”. If you meet someone who also brings a Framework Laptop by chance, and if you like, you can share the photos on this thread. I am looking forward to seeing your posts!

Below are some sessions or stands (booths) that people who like Framework may be also interested in.

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