Fedora35 Screen blinks to darker light then back frequently

Hi, i am running Fedora35 on the Framework. Actually it all worked out very well.
what i am observing from time to time is a short blink to less brighter light and back, happens ever minute or so.
if have set the display to 100% scale, other from that i left all the Fedora standard configurations untouched.

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@Oliver_Brupbacher I noticed this as well when I installed Fedora 35 vanilla. I un-ticked the auto brightness and it seemed to fix the issue. Mine was more of a flicker, but it might do the trick. It’s in settings > power.


thanks, that solved the issue

This happened to me too, fedora 36 beta did not fix it.

Chiming in to add some search words so anyone else can find it (took me a while due to the usage of blink and not flicker):

flickering screen.

Now testing the suggested fix.

Seems that the underlying problem is the control loop in gnome then, worth investigating.