Ubuntu 21.04 Screen flashing

I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I have been a Windows guy for years and thought with this laptop to dust off the cob webs and try Linux again. I would normally just update drivers but yea not sure if thats the Linux fix. I have turned off the auto brightness as one other post said but its still happening.

@John_Monkhouse disabling of the brightness setting under Ubuntu 21.04 was sufficient for me to get rid of the weird automatic brightness changes. For Windows 10 the issue is the same, but you have to disable Intel’s driver setting.

@KOSTYANTYN_RUKHLIS I have that disabled and it happens still.
I wonder if anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t seen anything like that.

Checking my settings:

  • 2256x1504
  • 60 Hz
  • brightness is set to about 1/3
  • I’m always using it in the dark, so even if the sensor was triggering…
  • Ubuntu 21.04 w/ Gnome
  • no graphic settings in grub
  • on the i5 processor
  • on the 5.11 kernel w/o the libinput update and no ‘additional drivers’

I am also having that issue. I also disabled auto brightness settings for Ubuntu 21.04 LTS.

My framework laptop specs:
32g ram
1tb ssd
wifi intel 6

I also have very short battery life and the fan also stays on and does not stop until I put it to sleep.