Feedback to packaging design team

Hi all,
i’m aware that i’m a bit off-topic with my statement in this section, but needed to be said.
Huge compliments to the team respectively designer who thought through the packaging design and how to fit the laptop and all the DIY parts in the least space possible!
This is hands down the best design I’ve ever seen - and I’m working in the paper based packaging industry for a couple of years now. Hope you dont mind that i will use this as a best-practice example on how to avoid unnecessarry packaging and best utilize available space :slight_smile:
Plus all material paper based respectively recyclable - huge thumbs up!


There is already a topic on this :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll share it with the team.

Yeah, I’m just gonna second all of that. Nicely laid-out, easy to identify and access, recyclable materials, great attention to detail all-around!

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