Framework doesn't get enough credit for their packaging

I received my first batch, second generation unit this week and I was thoroughly impressed and surprised to find its content to be completely made out of cardboard or plant-based fibers. It’s an incredibly well-designed packaging, very thoughtful and without any clutter. If other popular brands were as deliberate about their packaging we’d have less of an issue with the waste introduced by these processes.

Really well done! Thank you!


Example: Sony with their recent (past 2 years at least) headphones / earbuds packaging.

Fairphone and lots of people, but what about the inner sleeve ??

To be precise: I meant rival brands in the laptop space, not necessarily any product.

Although I can see a corporation like Sony taking steps in the right direction as a net-positive. And Fairphone has obviously always been a brand recognized for its unparalleled vision with regards to sustainability and responsibility.

As for the sleeve or “pouch” the device comes in: I honestly do believe it’s not made out of plastic but rather a plant-based composite or wooden material (eg Loycell or Tencel), ie recyclable


Like this?

or this too:

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Agreed. Out of the gate Framework made concerted efforts to reflect their values in even the form of their packaging. You aren’t alone in noticing it. And it certainly should be lauded. Framework has consistently talked the talk, and walked the walk, and while not perfect, they have consistently showed that they are trying to be the best they can be.


Hear hear.

Other brands I know do this: while not a computer manufacturer, Meraki ships all of their hardware in cardboard or recyclable plastic. No single-use plastic bags or foam.