Any interest in a laptop bag designed specifically for the Framework 16?

I recently put in my preorder for a framework laptop 16 (batch 19).After looking at the dimensions and realizing that it will not fit in my current backpack, or any other bags I have, I tried to look around for some options. After looking around I didn’t find anything that I really liked, and it didn’t seem like there were many ideas here. So I decided to design my own. While I am a computer and electronics nerd (hence the FW16 order), I also do a lot of camping and making my own camping equipment. After going through my fabric samples binder I found a few that I think will work well. I wanted to post here about the general idea and see if anyone had any other feature suggestions.

Current Design/Ideas

Bag outer fabric will be made from water-resistant ripstop polyester
Inner Lining will be made from water resistant ripstop nylon
Bag sides will have ~3mm of padding
Bag edges will have doubled up padding (where the edges of the laptop sit)

Bag will be able to comfortably fit the WF16 (with GPU), and a note pad or 2

Also possibly put little pouches somewhere on it, to hold extra port/expansion cards (What do you guys think about that/how many would you want?)

Luggage strap on the back?

I was planning on it having an “over the top” closure with buckles. It would have D-rings on the sides for a shoulder strap, but also a handle on the top of the bag. Similar to this (but only like the closure method, not how that bag looks) I was thinking it would have a water-resistant zipper to close the top, along with the flap that goes over it, but that might be overkill.

What do you guys think?

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Have any mock ups?

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If you could give us a mockup and an indicative price, it would be amazing :smiley:


I’d be down for something like this, like… a basic sleeve or even an EVA foam enclosure case for it. Something with a slimmer form factor that’ll still protect it but thin enough I can chuck it into a backpack without worrying about it.

Would you open source the patterns for making it? I’m currently waiting on a custom TimBuk2 order that I customized to resemble the aesthetic of the Framework 16 (which I’ll be posting later this week), but before that I was considering doing something very similar.

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I’ll work on a mockup, and order that fabrics to make a prototype. As for cost, I am not sure, but it would hopefully be around $85, as the materials are somewhat expensive. Once I make the first prototype and see how much materials it actually takes to make one that might go up or down a little though.

(Edited because i forgot to include zippers in the materials for my cost estimation)

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I might do that, although I have never made an actual pattern before. I usually just create the shapes of the cuts I need in software and laser cut them. I could look into making an official pattern though.

Probably not, but I’d be interested in seeing the design even if I do t end up wanting one.

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Even though the measurements seemed within range, I was disappointed that, with the dGPU, the Framework 16 is too big for the laptop sleeve in my Wandrd Hexad. I also have a Timbuk2 rolltop where it doesn’t fit in the laptop sleeve, so so far this has been my biggest complaint about the laptop (a 16:9 form factor may have actually worked, but 16:10…)

Having said all that, I may be interested, but I’d be more interested in a protective sleeve or something like that, as @Iron_Raptor said since I’m not really looking for an entirely new bag.

No idea what I’ll use those dedicated laptop pockets for anymore…

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Cables, PSU, books, etc?

Perhaps thin magazines would work!

But actually, making a small cable organizer, in the form factor of a laptop, would be pretty nice. I wouldn’t want to throw them in arbitrarily since then they’d just get jumbled.

Any the integrated pockets are pretty thin, so not much else (except tablets, which I don’t have) would really fit.

It would be pretty easy to make a version that is just a protective sleeve, I can look into that after I finish the main bag


That’s my biggest problem with the FW16 too, but it’s too awesome to not order one!

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Honestly if it is good and especially can be worn like a backpack… It is something I could pay $100 for.


Just ordered all the fabrics for a prototype, should be here around May 10th!


It’d be cool to have something like this that can comfortably hold a charger, the expansion cards, laptop, mouse and maybe headphones (pretty rare for me to use a laptop without headphones).

Those are all things I usually travel around with if I’m carrying my laptop around and they end up making the bag looking bulky or they’ll kind of be thrown around haphazardly in it.


So just giving you guys a heads up. All the stuff I have, Kamvas Pro 16, Framework 16, Tourbox Elite, and iPad Pro, and all the accessory cables and connectors fit in (although a bit snugly) into an Everki 18" laptop messenger bag.


Looks like a good option! I’ll have to figure out how to make mine better lol :thinking:

I’m curious which bag you got if you don’t mind letting me know since I’m looking at getting an entirely new backpack as my current is starting to fall apart.

They said that it is the Everki 18" laptop messenger bag Amazon link

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