Fidget Spinner Expansion Card

Fidget Spinner Expansion Card

  • Spins
  • Fits in any Framework Laptop Expansion Card slot
  • Works with or without ball bearing
  • USB-C ports for modifying spin, works well with other Framework Expansion Cards

Printing Tips

  • Printed originally on a Prusa Mini. Supports should be enabled. I found the best results with the bottom USB-C port when I added an exclusion to its supports.
  • It’s not required but you will probably have better spins with a real fidget spinner bearing.




Haha this is awesome!

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But will it do double Ethernet’s?

Ooh, and can you add spots on the “left” and “right” so it can hold four?

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I’ve only got one Ethernet card, but it does spin nicely with it if your hands are large enough. Two would be a dream.

I thought about adding four but it could be a bit difficult since the other two sides have the sliding rails.I think it could still work though.

Maybe that and a print-place-design would be a nice upgrade.

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Small update - I’ve uploaded a new version where the handles have threads and can be screwed into each other (previously they were forced into each other and were prone to breaking).