Easy templates for the expansion cards

hello i dont yet own a framework device but i want to try to make expansion cards for if i do end up with one but for the life of me i cant open any of the templates apart from the 3d models of the case templates i wander if theres any exsample pcb files with the usb c port on them.

Welcome to the forum.

You’re just looking for a board file that has the male USB-C port? Iirc both of the examples in Framework’s github has that.

Are you saying you’ve tried those files, and they aren’t opening for you? What error are you getting? And what version of kicad do you have installed?

i dont have kicad but i will try it i have the setup exe kicad-7.0.6-x86_64 im trying to open it in easyeda

Ah, yes, you do need kicad.

ah ok i will try kicad i used it 1th before but i had no idea where to start makeing pcb i have made something in easyeda

I would suggest watching kicad tutorials videos on youtube. It takes a little to learn, but I do recommend kicad. Good, free and open source.

ok will do looks a little bit like the same

opened it and theres a 5v to 3.3 volt converter i think why is it on there ??

It’s just an example. If you don’t need 3.3v, then you don’t need that.

How nice of them I can see a lot of people including that if they need 3.3volts