Fingerprint reader does not work in fedora36

Recently I made a very stupid mistake: I was so tired that day that I accidentally deleted the “/usr/local” directory with the “sudo” command. Then the OS wouldn’t boot and I had to reinstall fedora36.
After reinstalling, I found a problem with fingerprint authentication, which was completely absent when I first used fedora36: enable fingerprint login in “Settings” - “Users” tab and enter fingerprints, then, either Fingerprint authentication cannot be used either when executing the “sudo” command in the terminal or when logging in to the system. And it prompts the following error:

When trying to unlock the user interface again and enter the fingerprint again, the following error occurs:

It’s weird, initially I thought about driver issues, but when I first installed fedora36, it worked fine. I think I should report this bug to Red Hat officials while asking questions from the community.
I use a framework laptop, which is a DIY notebook, and the hardware configuration is as follows:

Maybe this can fix your issue:

When the scanner has fingerprints stored by a previous OS or due to dual booting, it can behave somewhat funky.

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Sorry, I saw this post before, but I didn’t read it carefully, now I understand that I need to clear the fingerprint information entered before, thank you very much for your answer. :heart: