Fingerprint reader seems to have died off and the reader/power button is scolding hot now, any advice?

Hi guys, maybe someone here can help, I’ve already written support about this, but I figured I would check if anyone in the community has some advice!

I have a Framework Laptop DIY Edition 12th Gen (batch 2) laptop.

Yesterday I put it in sleep mode and closed the lid, it’s the first time I’ve ever closed the lid without turning off the PC first.

It seems like that was a bad idea, because today when I turned it on, I booted up Windows 11, got to the login screen, and touched the fingerprint reader to log in, but instead of logging in, I burned my finger and am now sitting here with a blister on my index finger.

When I realized that the fingerprint reader wasn’t working, I tried reinstalling the drivers, but when it got to the fingerprint reader part, I was met with a pop-up box stating “Goodix fingerprint device was not found!”.

The laptop has only been opened once, the day I received it I put in an SSD and memory.

Nothing was moved around, all cables were left in place, etc.

I have read of other people having the same issue on the forum.

The laptop has always had issues with being very hot and loud (which I knew about before buying it, although I didn’t realize it would be as bad as it was) the CPU usually idles around 80°C and can hit 107°C at times, doing something as simple as opening Firefox, but there have never been any issues with the fingerprint/power button, and since that happened, the fans have been going crazy and the laptop is quite warm around the power button.

What can I do to test if it decided to just die off for no reason?

Hi there. Contacting Support is the right call. Please provide as much information as possible, and the most important information to include is what ac adapter/charger you are using, a list of all peripherals, if any, that are attached, and what OS you are running.

We’ve seen some reports of the temperature of the button being elevated when using Linux and it could be related to the drivers used. If you are on Linux, what distro and kernel are you on?


@TheTwistgibber Thank you for the reply, is there any way I can update the message I sent to support?
I didn’t mention those things in the message I sent, but my setup is quite simple, I’m using the framework ac adapter I got with the laptop and then 3 x 1TB expansion cards.
Haven’t installed Linux yet, was planning on finally installing Arch later this week, but I will definitely have to wait now! :sweat_smile:

Have you installed the Framework Driver Bundle? I’ll respond to your ticket and then you can reply via your email with the extra info.


If you decide later to install Arch vs Ubuntu/Fedora, this guide should get you in the right direction. :slight_smile: Framework Laptop - ArchWiki


Hi, Matt.

I’ve recently encountered the same hot power button problem on my 12th generation Framework laptop. The problem is NOT related to Linux, because the power button gets hot even when entering the BIOS. I’ve been running Ubuntu-MATE 22.04 without the power button getting hot until today. It gets very hot with no internal or external USB peripherals attached and running on internal battery power. I’ve submitted a problem report.



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