Firmware Feature Request: Disable keypress while the lid is closed

I made a reddit post regarding the issues with keys being pressed while the laptop’s lid is closed.
It causes the laptop to wake up while it is in the bag and cause it to heat up.
Another user suggested even disabling USB power while the lid is closed, which I think would be a nice feature.

Edit: The issue may be also present in the 13 inch version as well since it also becomes warm and active while it is in the bag.

Something I noticed when running powertop

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If I recall, in another thread, a Framework member mentioned that they are already looking into this.

Have you seen this personally with a FWL13?
The FWL13 I think already ignores keypresses when the lid is closed. Windows “Modern Standby” waking up the laptop can be the culprit instead.
Can I disable lid open detection?

Since the keyboard has sleep modes, and it’s in the firmware, maybe it could be hacked to turn all keys into no-ops when the lid is closed?

Then on wake-up it swaps all the keys back, so it’s basically not possible to send keystrokes in sleep mode?

Seems hacky, there must be a ‘normal’ way to do this.

Already being discussed here, see [RESPONDED] Waking from suspend w/ lid closed - #13 by Kieran_Levin to start with.

Ah I see, Thanks for point it out.

I have seen 13 waking up in bag. But windows modern standby could be another culprit for the 13.