Can I disable lid open detection?

I set Framework Laptop 13 AMD into sleep mode under MS-Windows then put in backpack.
When I go home it’s sometime resume work and feel hot.
I guess maybe FW13AMD detect lid open and resume, may add a "lid open detect " option in BIOS ?

Disable modern standby and use suspend to RAM instead

Do you need a BIOS option for that? If I search for “Windows disable wake on lid open” I get hits. Certainly under linux this is something that one configures in the operating system.

This is likely the fault of Windows “Modern Standby”, not the lid sensor believing that your laptop has been opened. Using Modern Standby Windows can start your computer up all on its own. The purpose is supposed to be to preform system updates and apply patches when you aren’t using your computer. But 1) it’s a problem if your laptop is in a bag without airflow for the fans, 2) it seems like Windows may sometime fail to shutdown afterwards.

Finding a laptop turned on in your bag or hot from previously turning itself on is a common complaint with Windows and their “Modern Standby”.

Standby is a pain for laptops using Win 10/11

Hibernation is an option, which I use when I close the lid.

It’s under advanced power options.

Control Panel > Change [View by category] to [Large icons] > Power Options > Choose what closing the lid does >

A reason for Hibernate when plugged in is that I wasn’t confident that if I chose sleep when plugged in and then removed the power it would revert to hibernate.