Firmware Update Emails

Just an idea, but it would be nice if I could sign up for periodic email updates whenever firmware (or drivers) have been updated. For example, I was having issues with the boot device failing. Turns out there was a known firmware update that fixed the WD Black drives. Thanks to the framework support team for that fix! While driver updates are handled automatically, things like firmware updates are not. Also, from a site navigation standpoint - the driver/firmware page is many levels deep in the quick start guide. It would be nice that it is easier to find from global navigation menus on the framework site.


Totally with you on this one. I’ve seen similar requests every day since I joined the forum it feels like. And the FW team is aware of them for sure. Maybe there’s an odd reason why they havent come out with a mailing service or whatever.

Agreed. I would also like to see a Framework app, like what I used to have on my Dell, that periodically, or on demand, scans the computer and advises me if there is a firmware update or driver updates available I should consider installing. I know there are third party apps that check for driver updates but I don’t trust then to know my computer or be genuine. This may have to be Windows only because I don’t know whether one can do the same with Linux because of all the different distros.

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