First Framework Laptop 16 shipments and a $499 Framework Laptop

We’re happy to share that Framework Laptop 16’s are now in customer hands. It’s been an excellent journey over the last two years designing and building an ultra-upgradeable, high-performance machine, and we’re excited to see the early feedback. As always with Framework products, the first shipment is just the beginning, and we’re looking forward to continuing to deliver on longevity, upgradeability, and repairability as we go. We’ve seen more press reviews go live as well, including by far the most thorough one, a deep dive from Jarrod’s Tech that includes both a broad range of benchmarks and subjective evaluation of the overall experience. Framework Laptop 16 pre-orders are still open as we continue to manufacture our way through the pre-order batches. Most of our factory capacity, which we doubled last year, is now allocated to getting you Framework Laptop 16’s as quickly as we can.

We recently uploaded the first set of developer documentation around Framework Laptop 16 internals on GitHub, adding to the existing material we have for the Expansion Bay and Input Module systems. The new release includes drawings and connector part numbers for the Mainboard to enable re-use. We’ll continue to build out this documentation over time, like we have for Framework Laptop 13.

A $499 Framework Laptop and growing the Framework Outlet

When we launched the Framework Outlet last year, our core goals were to increase the accessibility of our products, enable developers, and divert waste. We have announcements today that drive forward on each of these. First, we’ve reduced the price of our B-stock Factory Seconds systems and now have a Framework Laptop 13 barebones configuration available for under $500 for the first time. This is the i7-1165G7 model, so it has healthy performance too. Our Factory Seconds systems come without memory and storage, so to reduce the all-in price, we’re making refurbished DDR4 available at half the price of new. You can pick these up in the Marketplace, or purchase them all together on our Factory Seconds Kit page. Factory Seconds laptops are currently available in the US and Canada, and Australia. We’ve also posted a video explaining more about what Factory Seconds are and what B-stock looks like.

We’ve also launched the first refurbished versions of our latest-generation laptops. These have 13th Gen Intel Core Processors and are now available in the US and Canada. Our refurbished products come from undeliverable packages and from the small number of returns we get from our 30-day return guarantee.

Finally, we have one unique new Factory Outlet item, a 20-pack of Expansion Card Shells to enable developers. We had a quality issue on an early batch of DisplayPort Expansion Cards, and we quarantined the inventory that has now been sitting in storage for nearly two years. Rather than scrapping these cards, we’re making them available to Expansion Card creators at a deeply reduced price to reuse the enclosures with their own PCBs. DisplayPort is especially convenient because it uses an aluminum enclosure and has a large opening for the DisplayPort receptacle. We can’t wait to see the creative new cards that developers come up with.


“getting you Framework Laptop 16’s as quickly as we can”

No need for an apostrophe: “16s” is neither possessive nor a conjunction. It’s just a simple plural.


Since you don’t currently have any of the AX201 WiFi cards, why not offer the AX210 cards as an alternative? Those will also work in 11th gen systems, and the non-vPro version is only $5 more than the out-of-stock AX201.

Offtopic, BUT…

Both are correct. Associated Press style says not to use an apostrophe when indicating the plural of a figure, but Webster’s New World College Dictionary, which is pretty much the gold standard of dictionaries, says that an apostrophe is used “to form some plurals, as of figures and letters (Ex: five 6’s, dot the i’s).”


I tried to buy the 20 expansion cards but the store says only available in one warehouse and only available with a laptop purchase. Contacted support to be told that they were out of stock by the first person then that they were only available to Canada, USA and Australia…

Oh dang I tried the same from Europe and asked if they could add it to my order.

Big sad :confused:

So far my Framework 13 has been awesome! One feature I am still waiting for the company to release is a Capacitive Touch Digitizer Overlay, so we turn all our screens into Touchscreens! Or at least give the Matte that ability, so I’d upgrade the screen sooner. I keep finding myself touching the display too often due to habits from my old Surface 5 Pro and my side laptop (when super compact comes handy) the GPD Pocket 3 when it comes to scrolling.