Framework Laptop 16 Marketplace Customization Parts Availability

Is there an expected launch time available for Framework Laptop 16 parts on Marketplace? In particular, I am interested in the availability of “customization” parts such as input modules (keyboards), input spacers, and expansion slot cards (“blank” and GPU).


I would guess that they won’t release parts on the market place until all the back orders are fulfilled. That is just a guess though.

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I agree with @A_Green. I believe it won’t be available until some time after the pre-order batches are complete. Given that the current batch that you can pre-order is batch 18 and we’re about to get batch 4 shipping in the next few weeks or so, I wouldn’t expect it till like August or later.

Edit: I also think August is VERY optimistic.

Some parts are already available. I was able to order the 180W EU adapter (became available about a week ago) and I already received it. This makes it easer for me to leave one at home and have one in my travel bag when I take the laptop with me.

So I don’t think it’s based on all batches to have been cleared out, but rather on the produced numbers of individual parts compared to ordered ones.

I expect certain parts, like more niche keyboards, to become available sooner, as my suspicion is that only a (small) subset of the orders contain those parts and therefor stock might be available sooner. Also, some parts might be easier to produce, so it might be in stock before clearing out all batches.

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I would love to buy an 8-lane PCIe interposer and an additional touchpad as soon as they’re available.

I’m a hobbyist hardware developer. I’d like to develop hardware for the expansion bay, but i don’t have an interposer because i don’t have any need for a dGPU.
And i’d like to have a second touchpad, to be able to try building a module with a different width, without risking to loose my working touchpad.

Hello Framework Team,

do you have any plans when replacement parts for FW16 will enter the FW Marketplace?
Since i’m a hobbyist hardware developer, I’d like to order an additional Touchpad as well as an 8-lane PCIe Interposer as soon as they’re available.

I also would like to know, but in my case I just want to play around with a clear RGB keyboard :slight_smile:

It appears that most FW 16 specific parts (including the input modules) are now “In Stock” at the Framework Marketplace.


They are available as of today.

Please let me know if you see any typos or issues for any of the parts.


The only thing I saw is that selecting “compatible with Framework 16” shows a tube of thermal paste, instead of the liquid metal pads used on the Framework 16.

Parts, 8 rows down:

Thermal paste is showing under “tools” for me - likely for the F16 if you have a GPU module.

Hi @Destroya
I just tried to buy the RX 7700S dGPU, but when I attempt to go to checkout, it shows the following error:
Sorry, we only have stock of that item at our non-US warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.

I already bought my FW16, and I am awaiting shipping notification (batch 10). I am in Canada if that helps.


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I just tried the clear RGB ANSI keyboard and some expansion cards and it told me that I couldn’t order items from multiple warehouses

Hey, thanks for your message. was that the only part in your cart?

Yes it was.

Low priority nit: For Framework Laptop 16 parts, the “Replacement Guide” links to a catalog of Framework 13 guides. It might not be clear how to get to the Framework 16 guides for users unfamiliar with breadcrumbs UI.

For example, on the Marketplace parts page for
“Framework Laptop 16 Battery - 85Wh”

the “Replacement Guide” links to
“Framework Laptop 13”

It should probably link to either (the Framework 16 battery guide at)
“Battery - Framework Guides”

, or the page cataloging Framework 16 guides.

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Thanks for letting us know, we are aware of this issue.

I just got the same message while trying to order an expansion bay shell (nothing else in cart): “Sorry, we only have stock of that item at our non-US warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.”