For our Dutch 'Frameworkees'

Popular review curators ‘Tweakers’ have released a video about the process as well as some of the difficulties along the way (including breaking the screws connecting the mainboard with the chassis) and a textual review for those interested, these also include benchmarks done by them.


I’m disappointed. In, not in Framework.

It’s because how they complain about the €1200 price tag for the upgrade while you could also get the 12th gen i5 for €489. Or realistically, if you care about money, upgrade across 3 generations or more, not every year.

Also the €1350 laptop they’re comparing against is probably the MSI Stealth, which is a budget gaming laptop with mediocre build quality. If you look at proper laptops with the same cpu, then you’re looking at closer to €2000 for something like a Thinkpad. Now suddenly Frameworks pricing makes a lot more sense.


I didn’t like it either how they painted the 1200 euros as a ‘must upgrade’ you can keep on chugging with your 11th gen mainboard for years as this was literally the point framework was going for.


I think the reviews I’ve mainly seen that I like emphasize the fact that Framework kept it’s promise of being able to upgrade from 11 to 12, and not on that you have to, or even should you.

I can understand the price still being high (It definitely would be for me right now), but I think the better review focus on You Can.


For me, it’s kinda a prove of concept right now. I wouldn’t upgrade over one generation but you can and are able to.

I’d love it if Tweakers would’ve outlined this.